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Fenugreek pungent urine, is it safe?

October 15, 2013

Most people consuming fenugreek will experience a nasty side effect, a very strong smell!

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I’ve received many comments and many e-mails from readers in relation to the pungent fenugreek smell, especially when it comes to urine!

So, is fenugreek pungent urine safe?

The answer is yes, fenugreek smell in urine is completely safe in most cases and should not be seen as a threat to your health, it is because when consuming fenugreek in higher amounts, its phytonutrients are going to increase in your body dramatically, and soon are going to get extracted in your urine.

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However it may also be hiding a dangerous disease, and if you are not taking fenugreek seeds or greens at all, this smell can be an indicator of something wrong going on in your body.

This disease is also called Maple syrup urine disease, also known as MSUD, and it has the same symptoms as fenugreek side effects, notably the pungent smell in urine.

That is why if you start having very pungent fenugreek smell in your urine, you have to stop consuming fenugreek and wait for some few days, if the symptoms don’t disappear, then you may be suffering from MSUD.

You should be careful because it is an infectious disease and it can damage your health badly, check with your doctor to make sure you are completely safe.