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Fenugreek risks for pregnancy

October 18, 2013

One of the main health benefits of fenugreek is containing natural plant estrogens, also called phytoestrogens, these hormones resemble the hormones produced by women’s body, and they are very beneficial for increasing the production of breast milk, however when it comes to pregnancy, fenugreek should be avoided!

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Here are the reasons why:

Fenugreek is used to induce labor.

Indeed, the over consumption of fenugreek is going to increase the levels of oxytocin in the blood stream, and oxytocin is a natural hormone that’s responsible for causing contractions in the uterus and increase muscular activity, this is why fenugreek consumption during pregnancy should be avoided, especially during late pregnancy.

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By this, I don’t mean that fenugreek is dangerous! No, in healthy amounts, less than two teaspoons a day, fenugreek can be extremely healthy, however when pregnant women take a lot, they increase the chances of miscarriages!

Fenugreek is not the only substance that has significant risks for pregnant women, all Galactogoues herbs and supplements must be avoided because they tend to have the same effects, Galactogoues simply means substances that increase breast milk production.

Another reason for avoiding fenugreek when pregnant is because it’s too strong and irritating for the stomach.

Fetuses are fragile and underdeveloped human beings that need all the energy and all the stability in the body to grow stronger and healthier, and fenugreek is a very strong and irritating seed, it’s going to induce stomach pain and irritations if consumed excessively!

That’s why it’s highly important for pregnant women to avoid consuming fenugreek as much as possible, especially during the first and last months of pregnancy.