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How to use fenugreek and blessed thistle

August 5, 2013

I’ve already dealt with the benefits of taking blessed thistle and fenugreek, however from what I could tell by many e-mails and comments I’ve received, most women don’t know how to use them, they don’t know how much they need and more importantly they don’t know when to take them!

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I’m going to reveal to you how to take both blessed thistle and fenugreek safely and efficiently in order to not only increase your breast milk production, but to also help you maintain a strong and side effects free body.

  • The first thing you must understand about taking fenugreek and blessed thistle is that they can be very bad for you!

You have to understand that these herbs are extremely powerful, they are going to alter your body’s functioning and whatever is going to change your body’s ways of working, is also going to be extremely dangerous for you if you abuse it!

For example, fenugreek is very famous for lowering blood glucose levels so, when you take too much, you may risk having hypoglycemia and even fainting and feeling extremely dizzy!

Blessed thistle is also known to cause many stomach problems and stomach pains as well, that is why you have to avoid taking too much of these very nutritious and very useful herbs, otherwise you are going to have difficulties to deal with their side effects.

  • The second thing you have to understand about taking fenugreek and blessed thistle is that the real deal is better than the supplements.

I know that I’m going to sound a little naïve here, but this is the truth!

I’ve experimented with taking blessed thistle and fenugreek supplements before and I have to tell you that they are extremely useful and also very powerful, however when it comes to getting results and especially when it comes to increasing breast milk production, the real herbs are extremely efficient, and when it comes to the side effects, they can be very gentle on our bodies.

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That is why I highly recommend that you start using ground fenugreek seeds and dried blessed thistle leaves before using the supplements, it’s because these herbs are not only going to give you amazing results, but their side effects are very minimal and can be extremely useful for lowering your body’s pain and troubles like stomach ache and pain.

It’s true, the supplements are also very effective, but their effects can not be compared to those of the real deal.

I’m not saying here that blessed thistle and fenugreek supplements are bad for you, if you chose quality supplements, you have nothing to fear and nothing to worry about, but even if the supplements are of great quality, they are not going to be as efficient and as powerful as the real herbs.

  • The next thing I need to tell you about is how to use fenugreek and blessed thistle.

When it comes to supplements, you need to take at least four fenugreek capsules and two blessed thistle capsules a day in order to increase your breast milk production healthily and in order to avoid the nasty side effects.

And when it comes to the herbs, you can take at maximum two teaspoons of ground fenugreek seeds and half a teaspoon a day of blessed thistle, if you can find it , because it’s quite difficult to get the real herb.

When I was first breastfeeding, I used to take ten fenugreek capsules a day, needless to tell you I smelled extremely bad and I had terrible side effects!

When I lowered my fenugreek supplements intake, I immediately started noticing positive changes in my body.

  • The next thing I would like to reveal to you is that there are some very nice side effects you are going to notice!

For example, my libido jump through the roof when I started taking blessed thistle and fenugreek extracts, I was simply too aggressive with my husband :-)!

The next very nice side effects you are going to notice when taking blessed thistle and fenugreek supplements and herbs is an increase in your breast size.

Yes, they are going to increase a little, but not dramatically, however if you are already well endowed, you are going to notice huge effects on their size.

Not only the breast size is going to change, your body size and your feminine parts are going to start increasing in size too.

Trust me, when I was taking fenugreek and blessed thistle supplements, I noticed that many men started looking at me strangely and my husband was extremely jealous!

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15 responses to How to use fenugreek and blessed thistle

  1. What if u are a. Cup a, almost b but not quit cup will it work so tired of being small can’t afford surgery, and if I could probably wouldn’t do it

    • Yes, it will work but don’t get your hopes very high, it will have a good and noticeable effect, but not as surgery, please avoid surgery!

  2. Can I take milk thistle and fenugreek for milk production? How much amount f tablet can I take n 1day

    • Hello, yes, you can, don’t exceed six capsules a day for fenugreek and two for milk thistle.

  3. I’m talking about milk thistle. Is milk thistle also for increase mother milk? I’m confused plz help me

  4. Hi,
    I recently purchased funugreek (610mg) and blessed thistle (390mg). What dosage in your experience is safe with results?


  5. Sierra Christine July 18, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    As a Transgender (m2f) I have been on fenugreek and blessed thistles for almost 2 yrs and I have found that the combination of the 2 herbs has helped me grow my breast from flat chested to a solid B cup. And I have had no other side effects. I continued to taking them and my doctor has said nothing at all about me taking them.

    • Wow, B cup! Are you on hormones? Indeed, they’re very healthy, nothing to worry about.

  6. I wana contact u wanna ask about feenugrrek seeds

  7. Hello sahar mam,I m 20 years old n my breast size is 32..I m very unhappy with that…I want to increase my size
    I knoe u have olrdy mentioned everythng above bt m very confused plz once agn ans my qustns
    First of all is fenugreek seeds r mre effective or fenugreek powder
    N hw should I mix it with fennel
    Shud I buy fennel seeds too..plz tel me whole procedure
    N when to take Ds..should I take it empty stomach or anytym
    N for massage which paste I shud use n how to make it
    N does Ds powder will also affect my weight as I Dn want to gain weight
    I olrdy have desired weight
    N do u hav any idea abt soy seeds as I have read that they also hlps in breast enlargement
    Mam plz do rpy..m very confused..mam plz plz plz rpy

  8. If I am meapausal and just want my figure and libido back, is it safe to take fenugreek and blessed thistle.
    I dont want my periods back would I risk my periods returning?