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How to use fenugreek drops for massage

November 28, 2013

I’m sure that the title of this article is going to look strange to most fenugreek users, after all fenugreek is famous for increasing the appetite, breast enlargement and for helping nursing women increase their milk production, but using fenugreek for massage can look like a strange thing!

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Trust me, I’m a great advocate of fenugreek and I’ve never missed a chance to test it on different occasions, it has never failed me!

Fenugreek is not only very helpful for clearing the skin, it’s also very helpful at giving you extra energy and helping your skin become healthier and younger looking.

So, when writing that you should use fenugreek drops for massage, I’m very serious!

What I’m going to suggest is that you should use fenugreek drops with massages for getting a wonderful skin and a healthy body.

  • Why use fenugreek drops with massages?

Simply because they will get rid of bacteria and germs on your skin and also relax it.

This is true because in the massage session, you are not going to use cheap ingredients and cheap oil, you are going to use one of the two most useful oils that your skin needs, you will learn about these later on.

To use fenugreek drops for massage, you will need a person to massage you, you cannot do this yourself.

Here are the ingredients you are going to need:

Three tablespoons of olive oil, or rosemary oil, these are the best oils for massaging your skin in my opinion.

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Two teaspoons of fenugreek drops or if you don’t have them, you can use ground fenugreek seeds, just mix them with warm water and wait fifteen minutes for them to release their essential ingredients into the water; however you should only use the fenugreek water.

Then mix the oils and the fenugreek liquid to get the oil impregnated with the fenugreek’s essential aromas.

Now lay on your stomach and start the massage session.

If you start doing this 2 to 3 times a week, I guarantee you that your skin is not only going to look radius and beautiful, it’s going to look younger within a short period of time.

One more thing is to always use quality oils, if you don’t have Rosemary or olive oil, never use cheap oils in your massage sessions because they are going to make you smell and are also going to disturb your skin fat!

After all, skin fat is extremely important to your well-being and good looks, most people simply neglect that the fats produced by the skin is its most important defense mechanism to fighting off germs and bacteria and without these substances, the skin is going to be vulnerable!

So, by combining fenugreek drops with healthy oils, you are going to boost your skins abilities to defend and protect itself from dangerous germs, pollution and other elements in the environment.

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Of course, olive and rosemary oils are not the only choices, there are other oils you can use, but these are the ones I’ve been experimenting with and they are also the most flavorful and healing in my opinion.

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  1. How can we make fenugreek eissainal oil , reply soon

    • Hello, you infuse two tablespoons of ground fenugreek seeds, slightly roasted, with six tablespoons of olive oil, on very low heat for fifteen minutes, it shouldn’t be boiling and very hot, the lower the temperature, the better.
      If you can’t get very low temperatures, then just pour warm olive oil on ground fenugreek seeds and stir for three minutes, then leave in a dark glass container for five days.