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The benefits of fenugreek oil for the skin

August 22, 2013

There are many kinds of oils you can apply to heal and protect your skin, but I really doubt that there is a richer and more powerful oil than fenugreek oil.

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I’ve been using it for the last two years and I’ve noticed amazing results, it’s not only amazing for the hair and the scalp, it’s also amazing for making skin look younger and very healthy.

Here are the main benefits of using fenugreek oil for your skin:

The first benefit is in keeping the skin young and healthy.

Fenugreek oil is very rich in anti-inflammatory compounds, that’s why it’s recommended to be used for people who are suffering from bacterial infections and skin inflammations. Indeed, fenugreek oil contains many antibacterial compounds that make it one of the healthiest substances you can massage your skin with.

For example, if you are suffering from inflamed pimples, you can start applying fenugreek oil daily to them, and within a short period of time, one to three weeks, you are going to notice huge improvements.

It’s because the fenugreek plant is a very weak plant by nature, it grows tall and produces nutritious seeds and leaves, that’s why a lot of insects and lots of animals are going to try to eat is, to defend itself, the fenugreek plant is going to produce highly toxic anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial compounds, these compounds are not only going to work on insects, they are also going to work on bacteria and other yeasts.

That’s why I also advise you to only buy fenugreek oil that’s organic, stay away from industrially made oil, it’s going to have less effects.

The second benefit of using fenugreek oil for your skin is in getting rid of pimples and acne.

I know that whenever you hear about a “new” miraculous drug for getting rid of acne, the first thing that will come to your mind is: “this is a scam”!

There are many false claims about getting rid of acne, but the truth is that fenugreek really works.

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However, instead of applying fenugreek oil to your acne pimples, you need to start eat it!

It’s because fenugreek oil is amazingly rich in antioxidants that are going to help your liver produce prostaglandin which is going to control the production of sebum in your skin.

And the overproduction of sebum is the one responsible for provoking acne pimples on your skin.

When your skin produces too much sebum, the sebaceous glands are going to get clogged and this will form pimples!

That’s what we call acne!

So, to get rid of acne, you need to stay away from processed foods as much as possible and you need to also keep taking fenugreek oil daily, it’s not only very useful for making you stronger, it’s also amazing at giving you a very clear and “spotless” skin.

The third benefit of using fenugreek oil for your skin is in protecting it from cancer.

Fenugreek has been studied extensively as a valuable anticancer food, and by using its oil, you are simply extracting the most beneficial compounds from the fenugreek seeds!

That’s why using it daily as a massage for your most vulnerable skin parts, like your hands, face, is going to protect them not only from the sun, but also from cancer and other toxins in the environment.

Now, let’s talk about the use of fenugreek oil for your scalp.

We tend to forget that our scalp is also “skin”, in fact, it’s our most important skin because once it get inflamed and sick, your hair is going to start falling down and you are soon going to have bald patches all over your head!!

We don’t want this happening, that’s why you need to apply fenugreek oil whenever possible, at least two times a week to your scalp, it’s going to protect it and keep it doing its mission, which is protecting and helping your hair and hair follicles.

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These are the most important fenugreek oil benefits for your skin, apart from applying it daily, you should also start consuming the seeds, they are very helpful and will help you get a healthy body very quickly.