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Using Fenugreek and saw palmetto for breasts enlargement

July 17, 2014

Both fenugreek and saw palmetto are very helpful for breast enlargement, in fact, not just for women!!!

You have to try this amazing fenugreek!

I’ve read a very heartbreaking post some weeks ago about a guy who got, excuse me for the term, “man boobs” for consuming a lot of saw palmetto!

It’s a bit sad, however, I guess that this guy was simply taking too much, in fact, saw palmetto is completely safe for men, you can check out this post if you want to read more about saw palmetto for men http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/10/19/us-saw-palmetto-idUSBRE89I16420121019

However, when taking either supplements or herbs, one should always be careful and never exceed the recommended amounts.

So, how to use fenugreek and saw palmetto for breast enlargement in women?

There are different ways to using these amazing ingredients, but the truth is that most of these are going to waste a lot of potential benefits!

I’ve used both saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds and I know how they work and what are the risks, so follow this simple step-by-step guide in order to get amazing breasts very quickly.

First of all, why are saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds excellent for increasing breast size?

If you are trying to grow larger breasts, then you have to use this brand of saw palmetto!

It’s because they contain natural estrogens that are going to mimic the real estrogens in your body, these hormones are the ones responsible for giving women their feminine shape and body features, they are also the ones responsible for making the breasts look firmer and bigger, these hormones are going to increase the liquid in your breasts, this will give them a more voluminous size.

What are the risks of taking fenugreek seeds and saw palmetto?

The risks are there, and can be dangerous, dizziness, stomach pain, diarrhea, rash, smelly armpits, lactation, and vomiting, but only if you consume more than the recommended amounts.

So, here is how to use fenugreek and saw palmetto for natural breast enlargement:

You should consume at least one teaspoon a day of fenugreek ground seeds and half a teaspoon a day of ground saw palmetto berries, they are not only going to help you increase your breast size quickly and easily, they are also going to give your body incredible amount of nutrition, like antioxidants and loads of minerals and vitamins.

Now, don’t get into the idea that by just consuming saw palmetto and fenugreek you are going to get enormous breasts, the reality is that I’ve tried many solutions and to my surprise, these two are the best, however they are not going to give you impressive results, only few millimeters to a centimeter’s enlargement, don’t expect record breaking sizes, it’s not going to happen!

Click HERE to try the fenugreek extract brand I use! It's very powerful!

However, there are some amazing breast massage techniques to increase and enlarge your breast size with the help of both saw palmetto and fenugreek seeds.

97 responses to Using Fenugreek and saw palmetto for breasts enlargement

  1. Man boobs brought me here!! I saw it on the description. saw palmetto can be used to increase breast size, my friend used it and this is why I’m looking for information about it. will use your recommendations and see what’s going to happen.

  2. Big fan of your blog and tips, love the way you help us women with our looks naturally.I have a question: is saw palmetto harmful and how much to take to enlarge my small boobs?

    • Thanks so much for your compliment, yes, saw palmetto is going to help you enlarge your boobs, but don’t expect miracles, if you are lucky, it is going to help you with just a few centimeters, but it is very safe and convenient.

    • I am currently taking 2 Fenugreek 610 mg and Saw Palmetto 450 mg also 2 cap. every day. Is that the correct dosage for me to take every day?

  3. My cup size is very small, you think this is going to help me? It runs in my family and all my sisters have really small breasts. Please answer quickly.

    • Hi Salma, this is the same thing with my family to, we have a very small cup size, but trust me, fenugreek is going to help you tremendously and so is saw palmetto.
      Don’t worry, just start using them and you are going to notice amazing effects very quickly.

  4. Do you think the pills are worth trying? Or do you think the seeds are only effective?

    • The seeds are much more efficient than the pills, but for convenience sake, you can use the pills, they’re a good alternative.

  5. Hi Sahar,
    were do I find fenugreek and palmetoo and how exactly should I use it: how much, how many times /day etc? how long?
    thank you!!

    • For the duration and frequency of use, it’s all indicated in the post, as far as the best place to buy them, you can check amazon.com or the Asian market near your city.

  6. Hi sahar… 🙂

    If i apply fenugreek and sleep over night and wash morning is it okay??? 😛

    • Yep, no worries, it’s completely natural and you are going to be ok, a little smelly, but that’s it 🙂

  7. Hi sahar! ☺

    I would love to know your breast increase into what cup sizes?
    Does it really effective?

    • At first, they were 30D and now they are about 34D, and it is really very effective.

  8. Brittany Stevens April 23, 2014 at 9:37 pm

    Hi! I had bought the pills do u no how many I should take a day and for how long? Thank u.

  9. hi sahar
    I m 34 yrs old
    do u really think fenugreek and saw palmetto work on me??

  10. Erika Whitecloud May 21, 2014 at 11:20 pm

    I got the pills today how fast should I expect results

  11. hey hi!
    can I know whats the min increase in cm and how long does it take to show the result?
    it would b really helpful if u answer precisely! 🙂
    thanks a lot!

    • Every woman is different, for me, I gained about two centimeters, it was more than enough to boost my confidence and to make me feel great about myself, and it happened in a matter of two months, the first two weeks, I saw a huge increase, maybe 3 to 4 centimeters, but then, it dropped to two.

  12. Hi sahar,
    Well i am pretty young and i really do not want to consume fenugreek or saw palmetto so, I was wondering if I mix fenugreek powder with saw palmetto berry powder and add olive oil and massage it on my breasts instead of consuming it, will it still give me the same results… and will I increase at least 1 cup size. Thank you!!!!

    • It will certainly help you achieve this, but you can also take one teaspoon a day of ground fenugreek seeds to get even much better results.

  13. What brand of saw palmetto do you use?

  14. We’re can u get saw palmetto and fenugreek

    • Try the internet, especially Amazon.com. And here are the best brands: Nature’s Way Saw Palmetto and Nature’s Way Fenugreek Seed they are very cheap.

      • Hi!
        I am taking Fenugreek, saw palmetto and wild jam all togehter.But I am not quite sure if I am doing everything right…I am taking: 3 times daily 2 capsules of 528mg Fenugreek
        + 3 times daily 1 capsule of 500mg saw palmetto
        + 3 times daily 2 capsule of 500mg wild jam
        Is this too much?
        Should I cut back on one of these herbes?
        Please help me out here!.I want to do it right and not overload my body with these herbes..
        P.S: I am tking these herbes 2 and a half months already and me breasts size has increased a little bit, but not significatly..

        • No, it’s fine, keep on for another month and you’ll see great results, one more thing, stay away from wild yam a little, I’m not sure why you use it, but you should only stick to saw palmetto and fenugreek.

          • Hi again!
            Thank´s for your reply!!To answer your question: I am taking also wild jam because I´ve read that it also is an important breast enhancement herb..I thought mixing all the 3 herbes(Fenugreek+Saw Palmetto+Wild Jam) will give me amazing results…But if you tell me it is enough to only take Fenugreek and Saw Palmetto, I´ll stick to that.

  15. Is it safe to use Saw Palmetto while also on Birth Control pills?

    • Saw Palmetto and birth control pills interfere with hormones in your body, so, in my opinion, you should not use it. If you have more information on the subject, please share them with us as there aren’t many research done on this herb.

  16. i am confused from where to buy fenugreek and saw palmetto in india. I am in new delhi and scared of duplicate product. also pls tell me , i am 34 . when can i take fenugreek seeds in a day.

    • You can shop online, Amazon is very safe, and you can buy these herbs bulk from the herbalist, if you can’t find saw palmetto, then don’t use it. Fenugreek is very cheap where you live and can be found everywhere.

  17. Hi Sahar,
    You are doing an excellent job dear!! I will be starting on fenugreek seeds and saw palmetto capsules, cud u plz recommend the daily dosage. Is a chest workout also required for better results or just taking fenugreek nd saw palmetto is more than enough for breast enlargement. I really pray this works for me!

    • Just use the recommended amounts in this post, if you can apply breast massage, it would help also.

  18. Can i use fenugreek oil instead of powder… I jz have it… And how many gms of oil should be mixed in sawpalmetto and extra virgin olive oil to make your breast enlargement cream????

  19. please i want to know how many amount of saw pametto and feugreek pills to take a day. thank you

  20. Hi Sahar …. I want to know that taking fenugreek powder alone will work in increasing my bust size faster?

  21. Thank you so much for your reply:-) Can you please guide me that i am also taking natural remedie of herb for harmones so can I take fenugreek powder along? will it give me the results which I want?

  22. Hi…can I take saw palmetto gel capsules and fenugreek capsuls? How many a day of the 2 daily should I take?

  23. Can I purchase fenugreek at walmart? I want to try the saw palmetto as well. The 2 together sounds good for me. I hope to have good results been a small cup all of my 43 years. Will the capsuls work

  24. Very informative ..thank you sahar..hope it will do…

  25. Hi- I am wondering if I have to give up caffeine and/or alcohol for these to work? I hope not, although I guess I could switch to decaf! Thanks for your help – I hope this works for me!

  26. Hi,
    is fenugreek by itself gonna help and is it okay with birth control pills?

    • I don’t know about birth control pills, sorry! What I know is that fenugreek alone is more than enough.

  27. Hi Sahar,
    I found your blog very interesting and decided to give it a try. Once you start taking the supplement do you need to take these daily all year around ? Or do you take breaks ?

  28. Hello .. I am having polysyctic ovarie problem I want to ask can i eat fenugreek powder insted of seeds and also tell me the way of eating powder with water insted of seeds

    • Sorry to hear about this 🙁 Please, avoid these seeds as they may affect your body’s hormones!

  29. Hi Sahar,
    I am 22 years old, 34A woman. I never had any symptoms of breast growth during puberty and started periods when I was 11. Never had breast growth although all women from paternal and maternal side including mother and sister have average size boobs. I am the only girl in family to have non existent breast and I would really like to just get full B cup.

    I bought nature’s way fenugreek and Saw palmetto capsules from amazon.com as you recommended.
    You mentioned to take 5 fenugreek and 1 saw plametto everyday. Can I take 2 capsules empty stomach in the morning and 2 at night time after dinner?
    What’s your recommendation, daily dosage(i.e. Take pills with lukewarm water or milk)?
    Thanks a lot for your help and post:)

    • Just tap water, on a full stomach, they’ll help for sure.

      • Thank a lot. I started using about week ago and started massaging as well. I do feel but sore around the nipple area. Just hope np side effects lol. I will report back on the results and hope to get B cup.

        • Good luck.

        • Hey Anna. I’m pretty much in the same situation as you are. It’s been a few months since you posted your last message. Would appreciate if you could update the current situation. Do you have a progress? Cheers

  30. Hi, I’m contemplating buying some Fenugreek capsules/pills, what is the best dosage, and how long till I see effects, I am currently a 32b, and am very excited to see some results, many thanks!

  31. Can I increase cup size after using these? I am currently A cup.

  32. Hi Sahar…
    I am taking fenugreek,saw palmetto and gingko biloba from the last two days…currently I am taking one tsp of fenugreek seeds per day but I’ll ramp up to two tsp now..the saw palmetto is 160 mg per capsule and gingko biloba is 60 mg…right now I am taking two saw palmetto i.e.,320 mg per day and two gingko biloba i.e, 120 mg…

    Can you please tell me how much mg are in one tsp of powdered fenugreek seeds and how much mg of saw palmetto should I take daily for good results??thank you for answering my ques.

    • In general, don’t exceed tow teaspoons a day of fenugreek powder, and one capsule of saw palmetto a day.

  33. I’ve seen that saw palmetto is used for prostate health and an testosterone booster for men. So how does this help Breast growth in women?

    • I think it’s the other way around, it helps reduce free testosterone, and it also helps regulate female hormones, that’s why it’s great for breast enlargement.

  34. Hi,
    I was wondering if it can cause weight gain at all for I’m trying to lose weight i just want to take these while i lose weight so they stay the same size (well so they don’t sag ya know) i’ve been thinking about just using saw palmetto oil mixed with olive oil and massaging, would using palmetto drops added with olive oil work good?

  35. im using fenugreek capsule for a weeks now but i feel my breast mostly is warm and i have allergy reactions and i feel im gaining weight.i want to know if this is normal coz im planning to buy saw palmetto capsule also and start taking it ,although me and my husband of the result,just the skin allergy bothers us.

  36. Hello!
    I’m a 19 year old girl and my breast had stoppen growing since I was around 15. I caught puberty early. My current breastsize is 70b, its an Europian size. Can I massage the fenegriek with some olive oil into my breast? I dont want to gain weight anywhere else. Is it possible to get a 70c or 70d? Or is that to much to ask from fenegriek? 🙂

    Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Don’t expect too much from fenugreek, it will help you, but not in a lot of growth. anyway, your technique will work as well, go ahead and use it.

  37. Hi.. My. Friend is affected by masterbation habit. Is fenugreek beneficial for regaining the sperm lost? And can he regaing testis size ? And what amount to be taken? Or any other herb,spice to be taken for regaing sexual power and testis size. His age now 27. Say what to do. Reply please.

    • Look, masturbation is very normal, so tell your “friend” that it’s ok and that he should get a girlfriend.

  38. I bought Swanson Saw Palmetto which made up of 540mg of Saw Palmetto whole berry. May I know is the dosage too high? So do I just take one capsule a day, together with 3-6 capsules of fenugreek (610mg)? Thanks!

  39. Hello Sahar(: I see that you used Nature’s Way Saw Palmetto; so it’s safe to use even if it says it’s for men’s health? Just starting this program and I got a little iffy about that one. 0:

  40. Were Can I Get Saw Palmetto And Feungreek In Nigeria

  41. Hello, how much teaspoon fenegriek powder a day should I take? (Can I stake it with some water?). For breast enlargement

  42. Can I rub or massage fenugreek ground seeds and saw palmetto powder on my chest? Will it work the same as the pills and capsules or should I take the fenugreek seeds and the saw palmetto capsules instead?

  43. Hello. Maybe i shouldn’t expect an awnser because this post is quite old, but can it be harmful somehow if your breasts are still developing?

  44. Hey Sahar! Can I apply the saw palmetto powder from the capsule on to my breast with a little water? Will it help in any way? I’m currently taking 2 fenugreek and 1 saw palmetto capsule a day. Can I increase it?

    • Sahar Perske May 9, 2016 at 2:28 pm

      No, it needs a fatty substance to be absorbed by your skin, use coconut oil. No, stay with one a day.